Friday, August 2, 2013

Is Having a Baby REALLY That Expensive? Part 2

So I wanted to make a post chronicling my own pregnancy and birth costs, as I was unable to get an actual number from my stepdaughter last year.  Lets just start with how it's been less than I expected, and only some of that has to do with excited grandparent spending, since though she's spent more than me, my mom really hasn't spent that much.
So lets go ahead and break this down - I'll give you approximate costs of what I've spent and then I'll add in a bit on how much things I would have bought if someone didn't buy them for me cost.  Because those Justice League onesies may be cute, but I would NEVER have spent $15 on a piece of baby clothing that may only be used 3 times.

Pregnancy and Birth Costs

At Home Pregnancy Test: $0.10 for eBay purchased Wondfo strips (original bulk 100 pack for $10, purchased long ago for TTC), and currently available on Amazon for $0.38/count in a 50 pack

Prenatal Vitamins: $39.96 for a 280 day pregnancy @ 2 per day, my on sale CVS brand gummy prenatals required just over 6 bottles at $9.99 BOGO, so I will eventually be paying for 4 bottles total.  I should note how I could have gotten these free from the health department, but those make me nauseous, so I splurge for gummies.

Supplements/Herbs: $0 so far.  I have been taking Magnesium/Calcium, Iron, Vitamin D, and a few herbs for mah Pregnancy Tea, but so far I haven't had to buy anything I didn't already have on hand.  I'll update costs when I do.

Prescription Drugs: $41.99 so far.  That is mostly for some anti-nausea medicine for the first 4 months, as I ended up vomiting so much I lost 20 lbs by 10 weeks.  I also tried a script for heartburn which didn't work, one for a yeast infection which wouldn't go away via more natural treatment, and one I kept up for my preexisting disability.  I'll also note maybe $14.99 shouldn't count, since after having picked up my weekly 50,000 IU doses of Vitamin D for the first 2 months I was pregnant, I got a seriously stressed out sounding nurse call me and inform me they fucked up, and it should have been on the "DO NOT CONTINUE" list, not the,"Oh yeah, that's fine, whatever" list.  But hey, we paid for it, so there it goes.

Prenatal Care: $3.  Total.  That's because I'm on full Medicaid due to disability (so not Pregnancy Medicaid).  I paid $3 when I went to this one midwifery practice because they charge each visit, while most places that accept Medicaid it turns out don't bother, and just let that fee go.  BTW, I did not like that practice and stopped going.  I'll link to a post about our exciting journey through 8 care providers as soon as I get it up.

Maternity Clothes: $16.99 for a belly band.  Mixed feelings on this one - we were in Target, had the money, and I just so wanted to get something, back when I wasn't even showing yet.  I very very very quickly developed a hatred for pants, even before I couldn't fit in them, so it was really only useful for bridging the gap under shirt bottoms I was growing out of, and a few pairs of zipper skirts.  Also, I can't fit in the same size anymore at 34 weeks, and now that it's July in the South, I can't deal with the heat of it anyways.  If I were to do this again, I would buy two used ones IF I were going to be big in the cold months.

Doula - Birth and Postpartum: $0-75.  We went through a local program that provides free and sliding scale doulas to local women.  Our birth doula is seeking her certification and will be doing our homebirth for free.  The postpartum doula is on a sliding scale of $0-25/hr.  We are going to try and pay $5/hr for the 15 hours they provide in order to support their group, but aren't required to, so mostly it will be about seeing where our finances are after the baby (aka tummy minion) comes.

Books: $8.55 in postage for several books I've picked up via swap.  Since I received 3 books on pregnancy through this, I've just counted 3 books worth of postage, since that's all I actually had to pay.

Baby Stuff Costs

Baby Clothes: $6 for some pants and a long onesie.  Ok, again I didn't really need these since I've gotten a ton of free hand-me-down clothes, but they were cute (tiny skeletons!) and very cheap.  So I splurged.

Baby Carrier: $3 for a carrier, but I wouldn't buy it again having now researched how some carriers are really bad for baby hips and spines.  Luckily I can save this one by modifying it with a scarf to hold minion in a better position, so it won't be a total waste.


Below I've listed things other people have paid for.  Mostly this has been my mom.  I'm not going to note things I would have never bought, but I am taking into consideration what was actually helpful/useful

Childbirth Education Classes: $75 after Medicaid.  I have to say that though I would have paid for this myself going in, I still would have regretted it.  Turned out to be a total waste of time even for someone just somewhat familiar with birth.  A couple good local referrals to pregnancy related resources were to be had, but the rest was a waste of time that left me feeling anxious for the first time during pregnancy, and my poor husband ready to stab himself in the ears with chopsticks over the CRAZY excited educator.  I'd like to note this was also billed as a fairly "crunchy" class, with homebirth moms, talk to lotus birth, very pro-natural labor and what not, yet still managed to seem like dumbed down idiot proofing to me.  Be careful what class you go too, and make sure you will actually get something out of it before committing!

Birth Supplies: $55 for tinctures and herbs.  I'll come back with a comparison of what I would have gotten on my own vs. this, as well as if any of it would have come from different sources, but this is what happened between an opportunistic trip to the co-op and a planned (if late) trip to an herb festival where we found some live plants.

I will continue to list things as we get them, but seriously, this post will NEVER go up if I don't get around to this now.  So check back in for updates in the next few weeks.

And here's a picture of my belly, entirely just because.

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